Delivers CLOUD BI SERVICES (UI, business logic, and database modeling), to helping our clients make better decisions, with a high level of accuracy and reliability which allow them to achieve more in-depth knowledge of their business. The key factors are to have the right information at the right moment, to avoid risks and predict business trends.

Cloud BI Consulting Services

DevOps end to end reporting services.

Mentoring for the Cloud BI Consultant

Share the knowledge with others consultants with less experienced into the network, to develop their skills into Cloud BI services.

Web application development

Based on Design Thinking, understand the problems to create innovative CLOUD services which cover what people need.

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Data Integration, Quality and Cleansing

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Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform »
SAP Cloud Platform provides different development environments, for example, the Cloud Foundry environment and the Neo environment.
Neo Environment:
The Neo environment is an SAP Cloud Platform proven development environment that lets you develop HTML5-based, SAP HANA XS, and complex Java applications.
Cloud Foundry Environment:
The Cloud Foundry environment contains the Cloud Foundry Application Runtime, which is based on the open-source application platform managed by the Cloud Foundry Foundation.

Microsoft Azure »